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Living in mastery - The essentials

Becoming a Small Island of Coherence A 3-Month Virtual Retreat

Your presence on this earth is a gift,

and that gift is needed now.

This is not a moment to stay small or hold back.

Life is calling you to wake-up,

to shine the light of your presence on this precious earth

to give the gift you are here to give,

and to join with others doing the same for the upliftment of the whole.

You know this to be true and you have been doing your work to heal and evolve yourself.

It is time now, to step fully into your Mastery and embody the life you were born to live!

The Retreat Begins Saturday, March 17th

If you are ready to make a profound commitment to increasing the quality and impact of your presence on this precious earth and long to connect and cocreate with other called to do the same, then join us for this sacred gathering.

  • Enrollment is now closed for this program.

Retreat Host - Teresa Collins

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For the last decade Teresa has initiated and engaged in a number of learning community experiments with people from around the world. Using images, words and music she creates learning environments, processes and pathways of participation that naturally catalyze transformation individually and collectively. She is a radiant teacher and guides by example. She inspires people to live authentic and joy-filled lives and to join their genius with others doing the same to cocreate the new.

"Teresa Collins is one of the most inspired evolutionary women on the planet. Her ability to give people the new world story and then to apply it at the deepest levels of our own growth is among the best I have ever encountered. She is precious and a major figure and pioneer in humanity's effort to evolve."
- Barbara Marx Hubbard

Bonus Recorded Dialogues

Special friends and colleagues will contribute key perspectives to support our exploration. Each one has a precious gift to offer. These dialogues will be posted in the Living In Mastery Learning Portal at relevant times during our process. Additional recorded dialogues will be added thoughout 2012 to support us to keep the dialogue and exploration going after the retreat ends.

Living In Mastery is a lifetime quest.
  • image description Marshall Lefferts The Singularity
    of our beingness
  • image description Foster Gamble The Torus
    flow of thriving
  • image description Connor Sauer Every shadow
    contains a Gift
  • image description Peter Merry The Pain and
    the Promise
  • image description Claudia Welss Global
  • image description Nassim Haramein The Shift
    Micro to Macro
  • image description Maika - SunEagle Clues to guide our way
  • image description Barbara Marx Hubbard Our story is a Birth

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